Welcome! I am so glad you found me!

My blog’s purpose is to write in clean detail about how I overcame

my depression, my alcoholism, and my overeating.


I hope my writing helps you heal because the way I feel about myself today

and what I am accomplishing feels fantastic and is much better for me

than any drug I abused, alcoholic beverage I overindulged in, or obscenely

fattening meal ever made me feel.


And one important thing that would never have happened while I was

depressed, drinking, and/or overeating myself into

oblivion is how I turned my life around.


Every day, my life is better than it was yesterday, and

it is coming together.


Since 11-16-2007, I have worked hard on recovery from my crippling mindsets,

eventually going to psychotherapy plus AA Meetings.

On 10-17-2012, I first blogged about “Why Overeat in the First Place?”.

I spent the next 8 years searching for that answer.


Well, you know what?




PLUS, I also found out how to STOP ALL CRAVINGS!!

I no longer have any cravings for drugs,  alcohol or to overeat.

I don’t think about yearning to get pot, speed, or cocaine, or buy alcohol.

I don’t dream about pizza or chocolate I can polish off and stuff myself with.

I can think and don’t have stressful thoughts bouncing around

in my mind, driving me to crave alcohol or to stuff myself.


I still have some insomnia problems and terrible, crippling chronic fatigue.

But, everyday I do my best to keep moving forward, determined to overcome those.


Back to losing weight, I am astounded at how easy it is for me to lose weight.

I feel hunger, but it isn’t like it was where if I didn’t eat the second I felt hunger.

I thought I’d faint or not be able to think or that I’d get shaky if I didn’t eat right away.


And to date, I have lost 20.2 pounds since 7-11-2020.

Would you like to know how it feels to not have

cravings tormenting me all day long?




I know and understand firsthand why I overate, took drugs, blew my money, got blitzed drunk, and

self medicated to escape my painful, overwhelming life problems.


So, the focus of this blog is to explain the steps outlining how I got better so

you can see and decide how you can too.


And, along the way, I hope to make you laugh, maybe inspire you, and

provide you with a little entertainment

to keep you coming back.


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